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    Horseshoe Bay Lobby

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    Sound design office featuring flush mount invisible in-ceiling speakers, a 3×2 planar display and a Runco plasma TV

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    Sound design simulation room, featuring aboutgolf, laser shot and a 3 screen driving/ flying simulator.

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    Media room with 103″ plasma display and 4 runco 42″ displays

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    Horseshoe Bay – Planar Mosaic Display

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    custom visions art galleries frame

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    Two channel room

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    Horseshoe bay lobby

  • image7_resized

    custom equipment rack

Sound Design
At Sound Design we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service.
Our cutting edge equipment offers desirable features and flexibility while still being easy to operate. Each system is carefully designed to suit the needs, budget and lifestyle of the homeowner. Sound Design is a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin and Building Industry Association of the Highland Lakes.

Our Services

Security Systems
Security, comfort and convenience at your fingertips.

Home Automation
Our touch panel for simplified control of devices, security, sound, video, lighting, pool, A/C and heating.

Structured Wiring
An organized approach to supporting a wide variety of technologies in your home

Security Systems
Effortlessly control all of your home lights with a single control and save on electricity bills.


Home Theater
Experience movies and the way they were meant to be seen without leaving your home!